About us

Andre and Amanda are two people that are passionate about coffee, food, and good service 

Amanda is an award winning pastry chef who has previously worked at Shangri-La Singapore, Rockpool Perth, Wildflower and most recently assisted opening Measure. With an impressive resume Amanda has always aspired to run her own kitchen. Callover is the start of this aspiration where all of the sweets and desserts served are made and curated by Amanda. 

Andre has spent the last 15 years of his career as a Lawyer and Economist and is originally Brazilian. Andre arrived in Perth 2010 and qualified as a chef where he worked at Crown, Basilica and Gusto for a several years before resuming work as an economist. Andre has also always wanted to open his own cafe. So when the opportunity presented itself to collaborate with Amanda, he took it without hesitation. Watch out for the Brazilian influences in the food, especially Andre's specialty - brigadeiros.

Mark and Mathieu (Andre and Amanda's partners) will also be behind the scenes helping out. 

Amanda and Andre bring a raft of experience to running this cafe and would love you to try it for yourself so please come in and say hi!